73rd Annual Honey Show
Saturday 13th September 2014
The Field Study Centre
GU34 3JH.


The Cocke Trophy: Brad Davis
The Steep Trophy: Brad Davis
The Kathleen Marriage Trophy: Elizabeth Eveleigh
The Jack Dennis Trophy: Brad Davis
The Lady Tollemache Trophy: No Award
The Sir Humphrey Tollemache Trophy: Brad Davis
The Sid Trenchard Memorial Trophy: Brad Davis
The Rose Tankard: Brad Davis
The Trevor Stubbs Memorial Trophy: John Klinker
The Cole Platter: Rachel Parker
The Mount Pleasant Trophy: Graham Eveleigh
The Rogate Trophy: Hannah Cooke (Rogate School)
Blue Ribbon: Brad Davis

David Parkinson – Honey Show Manager

This year the weather conditions were ideal for the honey harvest with supers being filled in the early season and then during the summer as fast as supers could be put on the Hives. This provided us with a bumper harvest for the season. The Honey Show depends primarily on the efforts of our little friends and they worked extremely hard this year. The harvest consisted mainly of entries to Class B Open and Class 2 Members, which are both medium honey. The entries into these classes are consistent with previous year which reflects the nature of the forage in our area of Hampshire. The Honey Judge again this year found some exhibits which varied from the Schedule for a variety of reasons. Exhibitors should not try to interpret the Schedule to meet their exhibits but make their exhibits meet the Schedule.

This year the Apiary along with all the members produced a good harvest and we were able to sell this honey, when the Honey Show was opened to the public in the afternoon. There were entries received from 23 exhibitors, which was 1 more than last year but with 143 entries which was an increase from last year. These entries included 118 entries which qualified for the Blue Ribbon award. The BBKA/NHS rules state that there must be 100 entries in the Honey, Wax, Mead and Cookery classes, which means we had a comfortable margin within the rules.

Exhibitors still leave entries to the last minute which makes the registration of the entries a last minute dash and means late night early morning working to by the organiser to get everything ready for the Honey Show.

Open Honey and Wax Classes 31
Other Open Classes 43
Display Class 16
Members Honey and Wax Classes 45
Novice Classes 7
Junior Classes 1

In addition to the display class there was a large number of entries from two classes at Rogate School of a model bee.

This year the principal Judge was Hazel Blackburn for the honey and wax classes with Mary Harvey to judge confectionery classes and Eric Piper to judge the display classes. These judges are volunteers and it is essential that exhibitors produce the exhibits of a high standard to warrant the association engaging such eminent Judges. Each year there are less National Honey Judges available on the list as they retire or are no longer active and these judges have not been replaced. The BBKA/NHS rules state that only a BBKA Senior Judge may award the Blue Ribbon.

This year some of the classes were changed to provide a different challenge for exhibitors and more in line with the classes of the National Honey Show, which means that exhibitors can enter the same exhibit. The exhibitors however did not meet this new challenge. Lastly we had two stewardesses Elizabeth Eveleigh and Hilary Hayward to assist the judges who I am sure learned a quite lot about the exhibits and how they should be displayed. There were certainly many intense conversations and it is a very good way to learn about the exhibits and what the Judge is looking for in each class. There were still cases where entries had been entered into the wrong class in the honey and wax model classes. It is essential that exhibitors read and understand the Honey Show Schedule and follow the requirements for each class without variations otherwise you face your entry being disqualified.

The Honey Show was concluded by the presentation of the Trophies to the winners and the Blue Ribbon Award which was awarded to Brad Davis for the best entry in the Honey Show by our local MP Damian Hinds. Prior to the presentations Mr Hinds was conducted around the exhibits by the Honey Judge and the Chairman and the nature of the craft of producing honey was explained.

Preparing for a honey show