Apiary Records 2015 Link

Posts are listed from this link by adding them to the Apiary Records 2015 category.

Upcoming Meetings Link

Posts are listed from this link by adding them to the Apiary Meetings category.


Apiary posts should be titled: Apiary:dd mmm-<event> – where dd mmm is the date of the event and <event> is a short tag line describing the event. This provides uniformity for Apiary posts making them easier to read and relevance clear in the ‘Recent Posts’ listings.
Apiary posts for upcoming meetings should be deleted once the meeting has taken place. This avoids cluttering up the website with superfluous posts. Most meetings will be documented by an Apiary Records category post anyway. Modifying a meeting post to become an Apiary Record and re-categorising will achieve both.
Apiary posts should be ended with a list of Apiary Trustees in bold font. Indicating agreement of all trustees.
A new Apiary Post can either be published immediately or given a Draft or Pending Review status (making them invisible to general users) and the other trustees advised by email. Any amendments to Apiary Posts should be similarly advised.

General Usage

The use of ditto marks should be avoided as the posts/pages are subject to dynamic formatting that will move the text thus potentially causing erroneous positioning of the ditto marks and resultant incorrect meaning.
The order of posts in listings is by publication date. This can be altered by editing the post thus allowing the desired ordering.
To add a picture to a Post it needs to be uploaded to the Media Library first and then added to the Post.
A Private Post is only visible to editors not general users. It will not appear in Recent Posts but will appear in Category Listings if you are logged in as an editor.