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During the COVID-19 crisis, all inspections/manipulations are carried out in line with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines

Apiary report 12th May 2020

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The purpose of this visit was to check that the five new Buckfast queens had been released and their colonies remained viable. All five colonies the queens had been released from their cages (video below).  They [...]

Apiary Report 9th May 2020

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Peter Reader - Hive 3 Reports Top brood box has 6 drawn frames of comb, all full of eggs larvae. Bottom brood box  a mix of sealed brood and polished cells.  Removed Queen excluder and reversed [...]

Apiary Report 7th May 2020

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The primary objective of this apiary visit was to populate five new colonies with the new Buckfast queens that had arrived that day via post to Graham. Formal inspections were not carried out. In attendance: Graham [...]

Apiary Report 2nd May 2020

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The  primary objectives for these inspections were: 1. Ensure enough space to prevent swarming 2. No queen cells 3. Brood/stores expanding for arrival of new queens 4. Brian's colony increasing after Shook Swarm [...]

Apiary Report 26th April 2020

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Hive 3 - Peter Reader inspected,  Very calm bees.  7.5 frames BIAS. Added new brood box with mix of foundation and drawn comb.  Cleaned floor of chalk brood detritus. If colony continues to build will be [...]