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Apiary report 18th July 2020

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Report from Peter Reader Hive 3.  Two supers extracted and put back on by Pippa.  14x12 removed.  Double brood with lots of bees, queen seen, laying nicely and still with space as brood emerges.  Excellent hive. [...]

Apiary report 11th July 2020

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July 11th  Peter Reader Hive 3.  Lots of bees and Queen laying well, bees making space for her to lay.  Three supers full, fourth super nearly full.  Didn’t have another super so added a 14x12 above [...]

Apiary report 27th June 2020

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June 27th  Peter Reader. Hive 3. Double brood, 15 frames BIAS. Once again found 2 queen cells that looked like polo mints, see photo. Queen seen, all good.  Supers filling up Peter Reader [...]

Apiary report 22nd June 2020

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Since our last visit, Pippa has kindly extracted approximately 95lbs of apiary honey from four supers. Graham subsequently returned these to the appropriate colonies for the bees to clean. In view of the continued expansion of [...]

Apiary report 20th June 2020

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June 20th  - Peter Reader Hive 3. Top brood box 7 frames, largely eggs/larvae.  Bottom box 7 frames BIAS.  Four supers with noticeably more stores than the previous week.  Overall happy hive and the queen is [...]

Apiary report 13th June 2020

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June 13th  Peter Reader Hive 3.  Double brood box, 7 frames BIAS in top and 8 BIAS in bottom although there has been a significant slow down in egg-laying, almost certainly due to lack of nectar [...]