Apiary videos

During the COVID-19 crisis, all inspections/manipulations were/are carried out in line with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines

PDBKA 22nd October  2020 Apiary report – Woodpecker netting

PDBKA 12th October  2020 Apiary report

Chris Clark’s bees foraging on Ivy

PDBKA 10th September  2020 Apiary report

PDBKA 9th August  2020 Apiary report

PDBKA 22nd June 2020 Apiary Record:
Space & Spacers Queen marking

Chris Clark’s visiting swarm

PDBKA Apiary Inspection 7th June 2020

Apiary Inspection 5th June 2020

Apiary Inspection 29th May 2020

Apiary Inspection 23rd May 2020

Setting up new Colony for Buckfast Queen

Moving Kate’s Colony: from Garden to off-site apiary. 23rd April 2020.

Graham Rowden performing a shook swarm 16th April 2020 AND what happened 10 days later

Brians Colony with Varroosis. Secondary decline and deformed wing syndrome.

Wax Moth

Rowen Roberts : Creating Space in the Brood Box

Hive 2 Inspection on a Brood and a half