Swarm List

PDBKA members can register to be on the Association Swarm List as well as the BBKA Swarm Map.

When on the PDBKA swarm list you will be called by the PDBKA swarm coordinator (Rowan), on a first come first served basis, when they receive a report of a swarm.

In addition to the PDBKA list, members can also opt to appear on the BBKA Swarm Collector map. Full details are available here – https://www.bbka.org.uk/swarm.

If registered for the BBKA map, your Name, Telephone number(s) and approximate location based on your postcode will appear on the map. Unless you state otherwise, numbers and location from your PDBKA membership record will be used. If you want different details to be used, such as work location or daytime contact details, please provide them when you register.

Please note that your details will remain on the BBKA Swarm Map until you advise otherwise (to Ian), and, as this is a separate system from the PDBKA list, you will receive calls directly from those searching the map online who think that they have found a swarm of bees.

To register, please send an email to Ian Neilson – treasurerpetersfieldbees@gmail.com or contact Rowan Roberts – rowan.3007@hotmail.com 07531 901767, stating clearly whether you want your details to be published on the BBKA map in addition to the PDBKA list.