Weather cooler 20 degrees after long hot spell.
Hive #1 – inspected by Liz & Mel. High amount of propolis. Queen seen – appeared to have damaged abdomen. However, eggs seen on two frames. Ability to raise Queen cells if needed. Some Deformed Wing Virus. Swapped supers 2 & 3 to encourage filling of stores. Varroa = 48.
Hive #2 – for Wednesday inspection.
Hive # 3 – inspected by Rowan. Double brood. Colony had been left for 3 weeks for queen to emerge and be mated. Mating successful as small Queen seen, with 2 frames of brood in bottom deep. Each super 25% full. Varroa = <5. Hive # 4 - inspected by Liz & Mel. Queen seen. 4 frames of brood in all stages. Frame inserted into brood cluster last week beginning to be filled. Further frame added. Varroa = 3. Hive # 5 - inspected by Anne. Colony had been left for three weeks for queen to emerge. Queen not seen. 2 frames of brood, mostly drones. 2 Queen Cells. Leave for a further 3 weeks. Hive # 6 - for Wednesday inspction. Hive # 7 - not inspected and leaving for 3 weeks for new queen to emerge. Hive # 8 - inspected by David P. Queen not seen. 9 frames of brood in all stages. 3 supers. Removed 3 queen cells and placed empty half brood under Queen