Weather warm 20 degrees.  Objective of meeting was to review supers ahead of extraction next Sunday (13 August, 2pm at Petersfield Community Centre).   Each colony left with 1 super for stores.  Surplus supers placed over clearer boards with Porter Bee Escapes.  Varroa check.
Hive #1 – 1 full super to extract.   Varroa = 48.
Hive #2 – No supers to extract.  No varroa board.
Hive # 2A – No supers to extract. No varroa board.
Hive #3 – 2 x deeps.  Brood inspected in top deep only.  Unmarked Queen seen and marked Yellow.  A lot of stores in top deep but limited stores in supers.  High level of deformed wing and uncapped brood with dead larvae, suggesting high levels of varroa. Varroa count = 107.   6 frames to extract.
Hive # 4 – No supers to extract. Varroa = 21.
Hive # 6 – ?
Hive #7 – ?
Hive # 8 – additional super left under Clearer Board to create room for high number of bees.  Varroa not recorded.