The first meeting of the year was well-attended by over 30 new and existing bee-keepers.  Weather was unseasonably warm at around 23 degrees.  All colonies doing well and bringing in good quantities of stores.
Hive #1 (formerly 2)  inspected by Liz.  14×12 plus 2 supers.  2016 Queen marked white.  Brood on 7 frames and stores on 4 frames.  Some evidence of wax moth.  Queen not seen.  No evidence of queen cells.
Hive #2 (formerly polynuc 15H) inspected by Graham.  Super added.
Hive #3 (formerly 4) inspected by Tom. Very strong colony. Overwintered super moved from under brood box. Brood on 8 frames. 1 deep of drawn comb added. 1 super of drawn comb added. Queen seen and marked White. No evidence of queen cells.
Hive #4 (formerly 5) inspected by David & Mel. Currently on brood + half but intention is to move to single/double brood. QX placed above and below half brood to identify Queen.
Hive #5 (formerly 6) inspected by Peter. 14×12 plus 1 super. Queen seen, unmarked. Brood on 5 frames. Drone trap removed. Plenty of stores in deep.
Hive #6 (formerly 7)inspected by Peter. Double brood. 2 supers. 5 frames of brood on each. Drone brood in bottom deep. Eggs laid in super before QX added. Extra super added.
Hive #7 inspected by Graham. Turned into brood + half. 8 frames of brood in deep. Lots of brood in all stages. Sufficient space in half brood. Queen not seen, no queen cells.
Hive # 8 (formerly Nuc 15F)inspected by Graham. 9 frames of brood in deep. 2 in shallow. Will probably need further super at next inspection.
Hive #9 (formerly Nuc 16B) inspected by David. 2 short frames in deep as drone trap. Moved overwintered super above brood box. QX added. Evidence of wax moth.
Next meetings: Wednesday 19 April at 2pm. Sunday 23 April at 2pm.