Hive #1 – Combined with Hive #6
Hive #2 – Inspected by Brad.  9 frames of brood. Queen found and marked White.  2 QCS – one with dead queen and one with two dead workers.  Shortage of room to lay.  Consider adding brood frame next week?  Added super of drawn comb. Varroa =7 (1 week)
Hive #4 – inspected by Hilary.  8 frames of brood. Query sac brood last week.  Some bald brood (1 frame) found but generally a good strong colony.  Bottom & middle supers ready to extract. Top super extracted two weeks ago being filled again.  Varroa = 7 (1 week)
Hive #5 – inspected by Hilary. Brood + Half.  6 frames of brood in deep.  5 frames of brood in shallow.  Small-ish colony but healthy.  Bottom super, some capping.  Good level of stores in brood shallow.  Varroa = 0 (1 week)
Hive # 6 – inspected by Mel.  2 X 14×12.  No brood in too deep. Bottom deep not examined as bees angry.  Action for next week:  Transfer top brood box to bottom; place plastic sheet with small hole over bottom brood box (false floor) and put second brood box on top.  Varroa = 0. (1 week)
Hive #7 – inspected by Liz.  2 X deep.  Has been united with 16A.  4 frames of brood in bottom deep; 2 frames of brood in top deep. Queen found and marked white. Combined two supers to one.  Varroa  = 0 (1 week)
Hive #7A- inspected by Liz.  4 X shallows.  Brood and stores in top 3 shallows.  Bottom shallow empty.  Possibly frames of stores to extract from top 3. Varroa = >50 (1 week)
Hive #8 – inspected by Liz. Brood on 8 frames.  Super nearly empty. Stores in Brood Box. Varroa = 50 (1 week)
Hive #15F – inspected by Richard.  Brood on 6 frames (bas). Bees angry.  Top super half full.  Most stores in super above brood box.  Varroa = 2(1 week)
Hive #15H – inspected by PG.  Deep X 2. Queen seen and re-marked mblue.  Deep1 not inspected.  Brood on 6 frames in Deep2.   Super empty. Moved another 3 feet towards Hyive 3 position. Varroa = 15 (1 week)
Hive 16B – inspected by Richard/PG.  Nuc transferred to national deep on 24/7. Brood on 5 frames.  Queen found and marked white.  Drone trap left in as full of stores.  Varroa = 2
Hive 16C – inspected by Richard/PG.  Nuc created 26 June.  Several shallow frames in use so left in.  4 deep frames of foundation swapped for empty shallows. Varroa = 1 (1 week)