Weather warm and sunny, 20 degrees. All hives inspected except 2 & 6 which are reserved for mid-week inspections. Varroa boards added.
Hive #1 – inspected by Richard & Liz. 1 sealed queen cell. No eggs or larvae. Frame with QC moved to #5. Top super has frames to extract.
Hive #3 – inspected by Richard & Liz. Queen found and marked white. Removed to Nuc. 4 frames taken to extract. Evidence of Deformed Wing Virus.
Hive #4 – inspected by Anne. Should have been left for 4 weeks with next inspection on 28 May. Leave for a further 3 weeks.
Hive #5 – inspected by Mel. No evidence of Queen. Many supercedure cells (frame 9 had 9 cells). Removed additional half brood and placed above Queen Excluder. Leave for 3 weeks.
Hive # 7 – inspected by Graham. Brood in all stages. 2 deep frames of brood removed for Nuc and replaced with indrawn foundation. If Queen not found next week, consider putting bees through QX. Possible use 2 frames for show.
Hive #8 – top brood box had frame of eggs added from # 6 as brood too old. Bottom box not drawn so possibly no Queen.