Weather 20 degrees, sunny and breezy.   First full inspection of the season.  To achieve consistency and understanding of the colonies, each will be allocated to one experienced beekeeper and a number of new beekeepers, who will remain with the colony for each inspection.
Hive # 1 – inspected by Rowan & Martin.  14 x 12.  1 super.   Queen seen.  Brood on 6 frames and plenty of stores.  4 play cups knocked down.
Hive # 2 – inspected by Anne.  Double brood.  1 super.  Queen seen.  Brood on 6 frames and plenty of stores.  QX added.
Hive # 3 – inspected by Peter R.   Single deep.  1 super.  Queen seen and marked blue – quite small.   Brood on 5 frames.  Super left above crown board to encourage brood to be built out within Deep.
Hive # 4 – inspected by David P.  Double brood.  1 super.  Brood on 10 frames, 5 in bottom Deep and 5 in top Deep.    Had been considered for Queen Rearing but discounted in favour of #6.
Hive # 5 – inspected by Graham.  Single Deep + half.  Brood scattered and minimal.  Leave for one week.  If no improvement, cull Queen.  2 frames of brood added from #7.
Hive # 6 – inspected by David P.  Queen not seen.  6.5 frames of brood in top Deep.  5 frames of brood in bottom Deep.   This colony will be used for Queen Rearing.
Hive # 7 – inspected by Brian.  Single deep below super and eke.  Queen seen and marked Red (2018).  Brood on 8 frames.  Plenty of stores in Deep.   Super empty.  Corrected inverted floor.   Two frames of bas removed and placed in # 5, to create space for brood.
Hive # 8 – inspected by Liz.  Single deep.  1 super.  Queen seen.   Brood on 11 frames.  Additional brood box added to create more room for laying.  Frame of bas taken from bottom Deep and placed in top Deep.