Weather 20 degrees and sunny.   New deep foundation frames made – enough for two brood boxes.
Hive #1 – not inspected as colony creating new Queen.
Hive #2 – recently emerged queen seen.  1 capped Queen cell remaining.  No eggs or larvae yet.   Space for stores but consider adding a super next week.  Ideally need to replace old brood frames.
Hive #3 – Last inspected 20 May.  Super added.  No eggs.  Queen not seen.   Supercedure cell in the super.    Destroyed all but 2 supercedure cells in the brood box – 1 sealed and 1 unsealed.   Leave for two more weeks.   Wax moth larvae.
Hive #4 – Queen & eggs seen.  Added deep above QX to create drawn comb.  Top super ready for extraction.
Hive #5 –  4 open, charged Queen cells.  No eggs – bees unhappy.
Hive # 6 – 3 queen cells – 1 emerged.   1 removed.  Super added.
Hive #7 – Queen seen.   Removed dummy board and added new frame. 1 super full.
Hive #7A – 1 x deep.  Split from #7 on 13 May.   Queen  not seen.  Several queen cells knocked down.  Removed frame with QCs.
Hive #8 – Queen seen.  1 queen cell, knocked down.   5 frames of brood in all stages.
Nuc #2A – 2 queen cells capped.  Leave for three weeks.