Apiary 150319 02During the first three weeks of March two trustee visits were made to check the hives for stores. Three colonies are being fed. All eight colonies appear to be active.
As mentioned last month, the annual Apiary Cleaning Day will take place at the Apiary on Sunday 29th March 14:15. Please come along and assist. Frame hammers and blowtorches would be very welcome. Further details are on the website and in last months Newsletter.
The weekly schedule of Apiary meetings will commence on Sunday 12th April, Sunday 5th April being Easter. Apiary 150319 03The 2015 Beginners will start their practical experience and those taking the BBKA Basic Assessment will commence their practical preparations under the tutelage of Hilary Hayward. If any experienced members would like to assist the Beginners at any specific meeting please let us know (for scheduling purposes). It would be nice to expose them to the full breadth of beekeeping experience the association can offer.
The brood inspections will allow us to better understand where the hives are in their seasonal development and what we need to do, if anything, to assist their spring build-up. It is intended that all queens be marked by the end of the month. Spring varroa drop monitoring should be completed. Once the drones start appearing we can use drone uncapping and if necessary culling to help manage the varroa populations. Drone culling may also be used to minimise the production of mature drones from any hives with less than desirable traits. Hopefully the first ‘super’ will be on most colonies.
As always:- we can only give you an indication of what we expect, no guarantees can be given! We will provide posts on the association website prior to each meeting and a copy of the apiary records can also be found there. So come along and interact, if you have any ideas for the apiary meetings let us know.
– Brad Davis, Fred Whetnall, Richard Williams