The spring harvest has been extracted resulting in a crop of between 90 and 100 pounds in weight. The BBKA Basic Assessments have also been conducted although the availability of suitable hives (queenright, >6 frames of brood, >8 frames bees, queen excluders and supers) was touch and go. A Warre hive has been recently set up as the 9th hive in the apiary. Along with the two 14×12 hives and the all-shallow hive the vertical top-bar Warre will give some variation to the five Nationals. Although these too are configured differently with a double deep ‘warm-way’, as well as single deeps and ‘brood and a half’. Plenty of options for those members looking to experience different configurations.
We currently have 6 mating nuclei having lost 1 to robbing/absconding. 1 of these has a confirmed queen laying. We look forward to more confirmations in July. Re-queening of some of the hives will follow. The Warre hive will need careful attention in order to become established. Hopefully the July main flow will be good this year but we will need to keep the availability of storage space in the supers high. With the onset of the main flow the swarming urge tends to lessen but checks will be continued. A reduction in the frequency of the Sunday meetings to fortnightly will take place once the trustees feel that weekly checks are no longer required. Please check the website if you are intending to attend a meeting.
A Wednesday afternoon meeting has been pencilled in for 15th July 14:15 to allow those members who are unable to make Sundays a visit to the Apiary. In order to confirm interest in this please contact Brad (07790 173624 the session will be confirmed on the website.
Please consider taking on the role of Apiary Trustee. It is an opportunity for any member to increase their experience but particularly for someone considering expanding their beekeeping to an out-apiary.
– Brad Davis, Fred Whetnall, Richard Williams