Apiary3Welcome to the first of what we hope to be regular items looking forward to the next month’s activity in the association apiary.
The annual Apiary Cleaning Day will take place at the Apiary on Sunday 29th March 14:15.   Please come along and assist in the equipment cleaning and frame making.   We also intend to set up an Acetic Acid treatment of the combs from last year.   Frame hammers and blowtorches would be very welcome.
Although there are no scheduled meetings in March prior to theClean2 ‘Cleaning Day’, trustee visits will be made to check the hives for stores, start varroa monitoring and if the weather warms maybe check for room and ‘super’ if required in order to try and avoid early swarms.   Hives#1-3 are expected to provide our breeding queen for the year so may be trickle fed with light syrup.   A ‘Gardening’ visit is also likely to tidy the apiary.   Where possible these trustee visits will be flagged up in advance on the website and assistance is always welcome.
Due to the vagaries of the weather and our little friends we can only give you an indication of what we expect, no guarantees can be given!   We will provide posts on the association website prior to each meeting and a copy of the apiary records can also be found there.   So come along and interact, if you have any ideas for the apiary meetings let us know.
Apiary Trustees: Brad Davis, Fred Whetnall, Richard Williams