Following the first two meetings of the season things are looking generally fine in the apiary. There are a couple of hives that are lagging and will continue to be monitored and their condition hopefully improved during May. Initial varroa drop counts are low but will continue into May.
KThe re-introduction of 2 14×12 hives is the prime objective for May. Swarm prevention will be coming to the fore alongside encouraging our chosen colony to produce queen cells. A good supply of workers will be required to support the resultant queens if we are successful not to mention the production of a good honey crop. Current build up is generally good and will hopefully continue along with the fine weather and a sprinkling of rain to keep the nectar flowing.
Attendances have been good but we would still like to see more members! Please let us know how we can tempt you. Details of each meeting are given on the website. Debbie Burton, our Seasonal Bee Inspector will be checking over our colonies on 10th May – a definite date for your diaries.
– Brad Davis, Fred Whetnall, Richard Williams