The difference in forage between March and April is dramatic.  In the cold grey windy days of mid March blackthorn and pussywillow were struggling to bloom  then Easter brought sunshine and suddenly the hedgerows are a mass of white and pale cream.
Gardens are a mass of spring blooms with the flowering current, the signal that hive inspections should begin, in full flower.  Goosberry, one of the early bee-crops, is just bursting and yesterday my damson tree turned white.
The first weekend of April was the first pollen-sampling time for those taking part in the CSI Pollen project.  With the traps on for just 24 hours, the bees had collected between 1/4 and 1/3 of a half-pound jar of pollen.  nine different pollens, four of them making the bulk of the sample.  The bees are certainly busy!