Each year the PDBKA hosts a honey show in a local Village Hall.

There are 49 classes, 25 honey classes, 6 beeswax classes, 2 mead classes 5 the Novice classes, 6 confectionery classes, and 5 display classes.

Due to Covid-19 uncertainty the 2021 PDBKA Honey Show will be an ‘in-house’ event staged at Rake Village Hall.

The Committee have decided that, having been unable to hold a Honey Show last year, this year we will hold an informal version which will be more of a social event than a formal Honey Show. It is proposed to invite members to bring their exhibits for judging in the morning and judging will take place during the morning. Members will not be excluded during the judging but have the opportunity to look at the exhibits whilst being judged (not touching until after judging).

This will give us the opportunity to meet with other members and discuss bees, or anything else, and to renew old acquaintances. The Honey Show will take place over one day and members may come and go as they please. Most important, there will be tea and cakes!

A reduced schedule will be sent to all members shortly and there will no distinction between members classes and open classes, this is to simplify entries.

I hope that you have all been busy with your cameras as there will be one photography class for a photo in any context, but it must contain a honeybee as the central subject. In the display class, a vase of wildflowers will be required but the display must comprise bee forage plants.

The event is not exclusive to exhibitors, just the opposite in fact. It is hoped that as many members as possible will call in at sometime during the day, even if it is just to look at the products which can be produced from the hive and enjoy a chat with other beekeepers and a cup of tea with cake.

Trophies Awarded;

The Steep Trophy for the best Exhibit of Honey in the Show

The Cocke Trophy for the Exhibitor with the highest number of points in the Members Classes 1 to 16B 

The Sir Humphrey Tollemache Trophy for the Exhibitor with the highest total of points in Open Classes A to D, J and K 

The Kathleen Marriage Trophy for the best Wax in any Class 

The Jack Dennis Trophy for the best Shallow Frame in Class 10 w

The Rose Tankard for the best Mead in Classes F(1) and F(2) 

The Sid Trenchard Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in Class T ( two jars honey & three matching bars beeswax) 

The Trevor Stubbs Memorial Trophy for the highest number of points in the Novice Classes  

The Cole Platter for the highest number of points in Cookery Classes 

The Mount Pleasant Trophy for the best photograph or picture in the Display Classes 

The Rogate Trophy for the best exhibit in Class U ( 4-11 years old).

Details will be made available for the 2020 honey show in due course.

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