May is departing as it arrived, wet and windy, but the month has been dry with plenty for the bees to forage.  If your bees are (un!)lucky enough to have rape within striking distance then you will have supers to remove.  Remember rape honey begins crystallising in the comb as the blossoms begin to fade.  For my bees May has given an abundance of tree casino online and flower forage.  From mid May holly, rowan  and may (hawthorn) have been fighting for attention.  I understand that hawthorn honey is exceptionally tasty but only flows about once a decade – perhaps this is the year, I have never seen the bushes so covered in blossom.

During the mid-May pollen-sampling my bees were foraging from nineteen different sources, half a dozen being abundant in the samples.    Soon the limes will be in flower and then as the natural tree-forage fades verges, hedgerows and the garden “exotics” fill the gap.