This area is in its infancy (apologies) – but PDBKs hope to add more to help and inspire young members.

In the meantime, go and explore the BBKA’s kids pages for info, games and activities.

The International Meeting of Young Beekeepers has a Facebook page.

Petersfield has sent two young beekeepers in the last few years.

Junior Certificate

Under 18 and want to test your beekeeping knowledge? Then this could be the one for you.

The Junior certificate consists of 4 elements

  • 10 minutes of oral questions
  • A short written paper
  • Making a frame
  • Present your beekeeping diary

This examination is intended to meet the requirements of schools, Scout and Guide groups together with those not qualified to enter for the Basic Assessment. Additionally, it is intended that the examination will reflect the candidates interest of apiculture and encourage them to go forward to the next examination, the Basic Assessment.

In the meantime – please send in links for interesting sites.

This infogram on bees wasps and hornets was submitted by Alyssa Parker

Liss School keeps bees, and links to Kafuro, an African school also with bees.

Thank you to Jenna Millar a Girl Scout (a daisy to be precise) for sharing her work on obtaining her Flower Garden Badge as part of the Life Skills Journey for her troop.

The Flower Garden Badge requires the girls to explore the world of gardening by planting their own garden, learning how to compost, and understanding how bees and other pollinators help gardens grow.

Jenna found this guide on the importance of bees and wanted to share it with other young bee keeprs (Jenna’s Mum Kelly has helped in showing how important butterflies, bees, birds and other pollinators are for the planet as a whole!)

This is the guide…

Well done Jenna from PDBKA