Apiary ,visit on Sunday 12th July.
The weather was against us from the start with a fine drizzle and gusty wind, so the first hour the four of us who braved the conditions, were making frames and cleaning boxes in our new workshop/container, which Pippa has loaned to the club.
The container has been fully lined and a full length bench fitted, ideal for making up frames and boxes.     This is a very useful asset and means we can even work when raining.
As the weather was marginal we only checked one hive, moved and rehoused a nucleus and added some new supers.
Hive#1  ( 14×12) Inspected by Liz H, Queen not seen (QNS), no Queen cells, 8frames of brood,  room ok, 2 supers. part filled. Temper 8 (very good considering conditions).  Lots of drones but few drone cells. Brood all stages filling the big frames making them very heavy.
Hive#2 (14×12) Inspected my Mel,   Very angry hive so did not open up brood box but as supers were full, we put a new super with foundation on top of the brood box and a clearer board under the top super.  Temper 7
Hive#3  Inspected by Mel,  Brood box not opened,  clearer board put under top super.
Hive#4  Clearer board put under top super.
The rest of the hives were not checked due to the bad weather.
15A   Not checked
15B  Rehoused into Deep with added drawn frames and 2 dummy boards. Moved another 3ft.  queen laying well and stores ok.
15D (#1)   1 frame brood all stages, and 1 large sealed qc.  QNS. so left cell,  lots of bees, stores ok.
15E (#2)  1 frame of mostly drone cells, and drone larva,  1 stubby queen cell. not making up very well.
15F  Deep,  QNS,  4f brood all stages and new eggs.  large recently emerged queen cell.  stores and room ok, building up well.
15H  Poly nuc ,  not gone through as made up last week  with QC.