Hive#4 was not inspected as it contains a developing queen. All other hives were inspected with emphasis being placed on the supers.
Weather fine, 20C.


Inspected by: Liz H
Brood Chamber (14×12):
No queen seen since new queen emerged 14/6.
0 queen cells
8 frames with brood in all stages
4 frames with stores
room to lay OK
Supers: 2


Inspected by: Richard W
Brood Chamber (14×12):
Queen seen and  marked Blue.
0 queen cells
8 frames of brood no eggs or larvae
3 frames of stores
2 foundation 14×12 frames used to replace deep and extra dummy board
Supers: 3
Roof replaced as missing gauze over ventilation holes allowing robbing.


Inspected by: Jon M
Brood Chamber (Deep):
Queen not seen. First inspection since queen cell left to develop.
2 queen cells, first removed conatined dead larvae second removed appeared OK.
0 frames of brood prior to adding frame with eggs as test frame from Hive#6 marked ‘X’.
Stores OK
Room for laying OK
Supers: 1
Temper: 8


Not inspected, awaiting emergence and laying of new que


Inspected by: Anne B
Upper Brood Chamber (Single Deep):
Queen not seen
0 queen cells
0 frames with brood
stores OK
room for laying OK
Lower Brood Chamber (Single Deep):
Not checked.
Supers: 3
top super still has room.


Inspected by: David P
Brood Chamber (Deep):
Queen(Blue-2015) not seen
0 queen cells
4 frames with brood, exchanged frame of brood with eggs to Hive#3 as test frame
? frames with stores
? frames with room
Queen excluder moved below shallow containing stores to reduce brood chamber to single deep.
Supers: 2
Removed empty shallow but replaced with shallow previously part of brood chamber


Inspected by: David P
Brood Chamber (Double Shallow):
Queen (Blue-2015 & Clipped) not seen
Top Shallow
0 queen cells
8 frames of brood
2 frames of stores
room to lay OK
Bottom Shallow
Not checked


Inspected by: Peter R
Brood Chamber (Shallow over Deep):
Queen (Blue-2015) seen, no further check
Supers: 3
Added super


Warre Hive
Inspected by: Brad D
2 Boxes:
Upper Box
Very small and black queen seen
0 queen cells
0 frames brood, polished cells evident
8 frames stores
All frames checked for removeability
Extra comb has been built
Box 2
Top bars only
Temper: 10

Mating Nuclei

Inspected by: Brad D
Assembled 3rd May from Hive#3 (Primary rearing) housed in Wooden nucleus
Laying workers – nucleus shaken out.
Inspected by: Peter R
Assembled 10th May from Hive#3 (Primary rearing) housed in Deep box
Queen (2015/Green) seen
0 queen cells
5 frames brood,
Moved additional 3′ towards Hive#7.
Stores OK
Room OK
more to come…