July saw the Apiary colonies settle down into foraging mode. We plan to stage another extraction session at the Petersfield Community Centre in order to process the fruits of their labours. This is currently pencilled in for Sunday 9th August and will be confirmed on the website along with timing. Learning from the last session we plan to have teams of 3 or 4 processing a super through decapping, extraction and bottling with the teams staggered through the session. Your assistance in helping with the production of the Association’s honey harvest would be warmly appreciated if only for an hour.
The Wednesday afternoon Apiary meeting was not held due to minimal interest.
Sunday Apiary meetings will move to a fortnightly basis in August please see the website for dates. We now have onsite secure storage at the Apiary, see separate item. Tasks to be undertaken in August include Varroa treatment and Disease Inspection subject to any late or continued honey flow. The new beekeeping year starts now!
A vacancy still exists for an Apiary Trustee for the New Year. This role really does need to be filled to keep your apiary functioning. If you have any interest in the possibility of fulfilling the role please contact a member of the committee or one of the existing Apiary Trustees.
– Brad Davis, Fred Whetnall, Richard Williams