Before the PDBKA ‘season’ begins a small group of past, present and future Apiary Custodians and Committee Members gathered, bright and early, on a sunny Saturday morning to conduct a detailed inventory of equipment used and stored at the Association Apiary.

The occupied hives were relatively simple to assess but the storage container was more of a challenge.  On site since 2015, the container has proved an invaluable storage space and, when examined prior to inventory day it was found to be bursting at the seams.  Undaunted, tarpaulins were spread out and the entire contents spread out according to type prior to assessing and logging.

The container was swept, the workbench was cleaned and new shelves were constructed, the latter to take advantage of the full hight available.

As equipment was ‘signed off’ it was replaced ‘in an orderly fashion’.

With tea and hot soup to sustain, what at first sight appeared to be an impossible task was completed by lunchtime.

Now-available space will soon be filled with new equipment bought in Thorne’s Spring Sale in readiness for the proposed Apiary expansion.