Weather sunny and windy – 20 degrees.
Hive #1 – inspected by Richard. New queen not seen but laying well plenty of brood in all stages. Some bald brood. Some old brood moved to edges, to be removed later. Plenty of stores and room.
Hive #2 – left for Wednesday inspection
Hive #3 – not checked as QCs being left for three weeks (from 4 June). Next check 25 June.
Hive #4 – inspected by Peter. Brood in all stages on 3 frames. Moved drawn foundation nearer to brood. Found small Queen and marked White. Plenty of stores and room. Varroa count nil.
Hive #5 – not checked as being left for QCs to emerge and queen to be mated. Next check 18 June. Varroa count 15.
Hive #6 – left for Wednesday inspection.
Hive #7 – inspected by Mel. On brood + half but only top brood box inspected as bees very angry. Brood on 11 frames. Queen found and destroyed. Leave for three weeks. Next inspection 1 July.