Weather cooler, following very warm spell. Rain and storms forecast. Objectives of the session were to make up an Observation Hive for display at Harting Festivities on 29 May and for new Beekeepers to check progress of their nucs. Hives 3 and 8 inspected, with varroa checks on all hives.
Hive #1 – not checked. Varroa = >100.
Hive #2 – Wednesday inspection.
Hive #3 – inspected by Richard and Liz. Double brood with 3 supers. Queen not seen. Knocked down all but two Queen cells – one capped and one open. Varroa count = 17.
Hive #4 – not checked. Varroa count = 14.
Hive #5 – not checked. Next inspection due 11 June (leaving for 3 weeks). Varroa count = 13.
Hive #6 – Wednesday inspection.
Hive #7 – not checked. Varroa count = 5.
Hive #8 – inspected by David P. No Queen cells drawn since last week. Brood emerging. Eggs seen in top brood box but queen may not be mated. Swapped brood boxes around so queen can fly for mating. Needs frame of eggs. High varroa count >130.