13C and sunny.  All colonies are National single brood without supers unless otherwise stated.

Hive 1inspected by Neil Mariner – 9 frames bees 8 frames BIAS. Sufficient room and stores.    Several unsealed Q cells, Q removed to nuc. (Hive 6) with 2 frames of sealed brood, one frame of stores and extra 2 frames bees. Drone foundation added. Health OK.  Temper 3. 

Hive 2inspected by Dean Gregory – 10 frames bees, 7 frames BIAS.  Queen clipped. Sufficient room. Drone foundation added. Syrup fed.  Temper 3. 

Hive 3inspected by Dean Gregory- 5.5 frames bees, 4 frames BIAS . Queen (marked white) seen. Sufficient room and stores.  Health OK.  Temper 3. 

Hive 4inspected by Dean Gregory – 8 frames bees, 6 frames BIAS. Queen (marked white) seen. Brood chamber foundation added. Drone foundation added.  Sufficient stores.  Health OK.  Temper 3.