Creating space in a brood box

Brians Colony with Varroosis. Secondary decline and deformed wing syndrome.

Wax Moth

Shook Swarm

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Chris’s failed colony (Q96) :  dead worker ermerging

Drone Brood and Comb

Uncharged Queen cell – “play cup”

Chris Clark (Video)

Rowan Roberts

Rowan’s colony inspected by Rowan
Chris’ colony inspected by Graham & Rowan
Brian’s colony inspected by Graham
Richard’s colony inspected by Rowan
Rowan’s Colony (see Video)
Brood and half. X1 Super
Strong colony
Bias, queen not seen
Plenty stores
Stores moved from top of brood into super above
Consider converting to double brood
Hopefully use to populate new colonies
Chris’ (Q96) Colony
Dead (last of the Carniolans!)
Few dead bees
Dead queen not seen
No signs of dysentery
? Nosema Ceranae
Brian’s Colony
Single brood
Bees with deformed wings secondary to varroosis
No signs of dysentery or other disease
Much weakened from previous inspection
Third bood box added over QE for bees to clean
Shook swarm performed, fed syrup in rapid feeder (See video)
Peter subsequently vaporised with oxalic acid when raining and bees in colony
Food topped up 2 days later – only taken half
+/- nosema ceramae?
Richard’s colony
Double brood
Strong colony
Bias, plenty of stores
Wax moth larvae (see video)
Uncharged Queen-cups (see video)
Added third brood box
Use to populate new colonies