Scheduled as the last Apiary meeting of the season, mouse guards and woodpecker cages were to be fitted to all hives.  Entrance observations showed an abundance of yellow pollen (Michaelmas Daisy?) being brought into the colonies so these operations were postponed.  A cloudy 16C to 18C .  All colonies are National Single Brood unless otherwise stated.  Brood frames estimated to contain 2Kg stores, Super frames 1Kg stores

Hive 1 – inspected by Chris Clarke & IW – National Brood & Half, lower chamber 8 frames BIAS, an increase of 1 on September 5 inspection; upper chamber 1 frame brood, a decrease of 5 on September 5 inspection and 10 frames (10kg) stores.  Sufficient room & stores.  QE and empty Super, added at last inspection, removed.  Temper 8.

Hive 2 – inspected by Liz Hawes – 8 frames BIAS, as at last brood inspection on 5 September, sufficient room.  1 Super, 9 frames (9Kg) stores.  Syrup not taken, rapid feeder replaced.  QE still in place.  Temper 9.

Hive 3 – inspected by Anne-Chantal Ballard & LN – 5 frames BIAS, as last inspection,1 frame pollen, no stores.  2 Supers, 1 full (11Kg), one above CB with 6 frames stores removed to give to Hives 4A & 5.  Feed.  Temper 8.

Hive 4A – inspected by Mel Espin – 2 frames brood, a decrease of 2.5 since September 5 inspection.  3.5 frames (7Kg) stores.  Under-supered with 3 frames (3Kg) stores from Hive 3.  Temper 9.

Hive 5 – inspected by Brian Herbert – Queen seen (white), 2.5 frames BIAS, a decrease of 1 on September 5 inspection, 4 frames stores (8Kg). One frame (2Kg) stores from 5B added.  Super with 3 frames stores (3Kg) moved under brood chamber to act as a barrier to cold and 3 (3Kg) frames from Hive 3 added. Total stores, 16Kg.  Feeder refilled.  Temper 8.

Hive 5B – inspected by Richard Williams – Colony not inspected, 5 frames brood at last two inspections and 1 super (11Kg) stores.  Under-supered. Deep above CB removed and 2 frames (4Kg) stores donated to Hive 5 & Hive ?  Temper 9

Hive 5C – inspected by Mel Espin – Queen seen. 3 frames BIAS, a decrease of 2 on September 5 inspection, 4 frames (8Kg) stores.  Not taking syrup. Temper 6.

Hive 6 – inspected by Brian Herbert – 1.5 frames brood, a decrease of 2.5 on September 5 inspection, 4 frames (8Kg) stores.  Super with 4.5 frames (4.5Kg) stores moved under brood.  With 13Kg stores requires feeding.  Temper 8.