To follow the EFB  “lockdown” to the letter, we had to leave all the record sheets in the container so a rough guide from memory (known to be unreliable ).
Hive #1   Not checked as poss Qc / Virgin Queen.
Hive #2  Checked and QS,   BAS with new eggs.   lots of play cups taken down but none charged. top super full ready to take off when we can.
Hive #3   Culled
Hive#4   Checked and all  OK.   Top 2 supers full,  3rd filling.
Hive#5   Not checked  as  poss Virgin Queen.
Hive #6  Checked and QS ,  BAS and eggs,   6 Qc’s  some sealed,  another Nuc made up from a frame with two nice Qc’s on , along with a frame of brood and a frame of stores.  The remaining Qc’s were taken down.  Very nice tempered colony.
Hive #7  Not Checked as poss VQ.
Hive #7A  Not checked as poss VQ.
Hive #8  Not checked as poss VQ.
Hive #9  Warre Hive   – Culled as a precaution, due to being a very small colony and thought to be more susceptible to EFB and not making up.
Hive#10  Top Bar Hive –  Also a very small colony and culled as per Warre hive.
Hive #15F  Ex  Nuc, now in Deep, with super added.  building up nicely.
Hive #15H  Ex Nuc,  also building up, QS. a few playcups, 5f BAS , 1 super – moved another meter towards No3 space.
Nuc #16A   From Hive 4,  QNS,  2 play cups, waxmoth larva killed. making up nicely, 4f BAS lots of eggs.  Temper 10.   2 varroa in 4 weeks.
Nuc #16B  From Hive 4, 19/6  left as poss VQ
Nuc #16C  From Hive 6  26/6  put into wooden Nuc, furthest from Apiary on stand in ferns,