Apiary continues to be in EFB lockdown.  6-week inspection due 10 July.
Hive #1 – not checked
Hive #2 – continues to set down charged queen cells.  9 frames of sealed brood, some older larvae but no eggs seen.  Removed 10 charged QCs, left 2.   Drawing top super, some capped stores.
Hive #4 – 9 frames of brood.  15+ play cups, 3 with eggs but not charged.  Big colony.  Some bald brood and sac brood.
Hive #5 – not checked.
Hive #6 – Took down 2 queen cells leaving 1 sealed 1 charged.  Marked frame with red pin.  No eggs.   Brood on 5 deep frames and 4 shallows.
Hive #7 – 1 day old eggs in drone comb only.
Hive #7A –  Sealed brood but no eggs/larvae in any shallows below QX.      Large number of dead drones on top of QX.  Eggs/larvae/sealed brood in super.  Removed QX.  Bees grumpy.
Hive #8 – new eggs 1-3 days.  Calmed down and temper fine. Super half full.
Hive #15H – continues its weekly migration towards Hive #3 site.  Queen seen.  5 queen cells – all removed.  Queen seen.  Better temper.
Hive #15F – 6 frames of brood, 3 stores.  Whole frame of new eggs.  Good temper.
Hive #16A – Nuc created from Hive #4.  Queen found and marked white (NB one worker got in the way and also marked white!).  Transferred all frames to deep, plus frame of stores.  Some sealed cells opened (random pattern) and varroa seen.
Hive #16B – Nuc created from Hive #4.  Brood in all stages, healthy development.  Queen seen but disappeared before marker pen located.