Unfortunately the weather forecast was correct and it was only 8 – 10 C, and overcast, but the sun did come out for a time, but still too cold to go through colonies, still we had other jobs to do, checking varroa boards, checking rapid feeders put on last week , burning up some of the winter debris and branding super boxes with the club stamp.
We had nine members helping out and as usual finished with a lovely cup of tea and cakes, thanks Pippa and Liz, along with lots of discussions on the state of our bees and the effect the cold weather is having on them.
Varroa counts were high on the colonies treated with icing sugar, showing that it had some effect.  We will try again next time we open up colonies.
Varroa count over 7 days
Hive#1      1     some chalk brood and mouse droppings on vb
Hive#2     40 ( icing sugar last week)
Hive#3      0    topped up feeder
Hive#4     23
Hive#5     25    mouse droppings on vb
Hive#6      4     Chalk brood and mouse droppings on vb
Hive#7     30    (Icing Sugar last week)   chalk brood on vb
Hive#8     8     Chalk brood on vb
Hive#9   Warre –  no OMF.
Hive#10   0    syrup still available, small number of bees.
Hive#15F    1    Nuc still going strong
Hive#15H   7    Poly nuc also still active