Sunday turned out to be lovely and sunny but the wind picked up a bit and it was quite cold at 12 degrees C.   We had 16 members attend, so we managed to go through the hives quite quickly.     “New bees” were paired up with an experienced   member and guided through what to look for in hive inspections,  how to lift and view frames of bees and brood,  checking for queen-right,  moving empty frames into the brood nest to give extra space,  stores and any signs of disease.   All went well but the bees were a bit frisky and a couple of people got there first sting of the season.
All the colonies have so far  come through the winter ok, but No3 , the Warre and the Top Bar hive are all small colonies.    Several were also found to have very little stores, possibly due to the cold spring delaying the flow of nectar.    Feeding with 50 : 50 liquid syrup in rapid feeders were put on as a precaution.
Temperature  12 C,   Sunny.  Breezy. from SW.   Varroa count over 7 days.
Hive#1    Inspected by Brian Herbert
Brood Chamber:     14 x 12,   Queen Not Seen ( QNS )   4 frames of brood, low stores. lots of drone brood, some chalkbrood  present.  temper 8.   Varroa – zero.    Rapid feeder put on with 50:50 syrup.
Hive#2   Inspected by Brian Herbert
Brood Chamber:    14 x 12,   Queen seen,   3.5 frames of Brood All Stages (BAS)  3 stores, 2 room,  1 super , Temper 6.  Varroa  20.  Some chalk brood present, also some pepper potting brood.
Hive#3   Inspected by David Parkinson.
Brood Chamber:  National  Deep,     QNS,    1.5 f brood  BAS.  only half frame stores. no super, dummy boards either side of brood nest.  No varroa,  Temper 10.  –  very few bees.  Rapid feeder put on with 50:50 syrup.
Hive#4    Inspected by David Parkinson.
Brood Chamber:  National,   QS,    6 frames BAS.  2 stores,  room ok.  1 super.  Varroa- zero.  Temper 9.    Wax moth grub killed. and mouldy brood frame removed.
Hive#5   Inspected by Mel
Brood Chamber:  National,     QNS,   5 f brood,  BAS,  3 f stores,   room ok,  1 super.   Varroa – 1.   Temper  8.                   A  few chalkbrood present.  rapid feeder taken off  as stores ok. some mould in super frame.
Hive#6   Inspected by Mel
Brood Chamber:  National.   QS,   4 f brood BAS ,  1 f stores,  room ok,   No Supers,   Varroa – 2.  Temper 10.                    Few chalkbrood found,  also small colony but building up ok.
Hive#7    Inspected by Liz
Brood Chamber:    National Supers. ( Peter Street Method)  QNS,   13  super frames of Brood  BAS.   13 f stores,     Varroa – 25.   Temper 8.    Chalkbrood on vb,   another super added of drawn comb, as lacking room.
Hive#8    Inspected by Brad Davis
Brood Chamber: National.   QS,   6 f BAS,  2 f stores, 4 f room,  2 supers.  Varroa – 3 .  Some sealed brood still in super above queen excluder,
Hive#9    Warre . Not gone through as too cold for cutting out comb, but very small colony – rapid feeder topped up with 50:50.
Hive#10   Top Bar  Inspected  by  Peter Reader
QS,  1 f brood, BAS,  some stores, room ok,  varroa – 1,  Temper 10.   – Moved colony to be central,  tidy brood pattern. rapid feeder left on.
Hive#15F   Inspected by Brad
Brood Chamber: National,    QS,   3f BAS,   No stores.  plenty room.  Varroa – zero. Temper 10.   Rapid feeder put on with eke.  Nuc colony raised from Queen cell last year.
Hive#15H   Inspected by Brad
Poly Nuc hive  overwintered from last year  and now needed putting into a Brood chamber.   QS,  3 f BAS, 1 f stores,      now into Deep 7 frames of room. varroa -3   Frames transfered into deep and poly nuc dissembled and left for half an hour for the remaining bees to relocate to deep.    Rapid feeder put on with eke.