Hot and Sunny, what could go wrong!!!    How about lack of new members, where were you all?   Those that did attend very much enjoyed themselves, with lots of hands on experience opening hives and checking bees.    Things are hotting up in the colonies with most hives showing lots of stores coming in and increasing build up of brood.
Apiary Sundays are a very sociable afternoon, when we can exchange information on bee topics , problems with ones own hives, how to reduce varroa, what to look for in colonies affected with nosema, different hive set ups and general upkeep of hives.
Thirteen members attended Sunday, with only 6 of this years “New Bees”  .  Temperature  in the 20’s C  Sunny.
Hive#1   Inspected by Brian Herbert
Brood Box;    14 x 12     QNS, No QC’s , 4 f brood,BAS. 3 f stores, 2 f room,   1 super,  varroa count 5,  temper 8.              Empty super replaced with another as the frames were not sitting down below the box sides.  Several drone cells were lifted to check for varroa as a few bees were seen with DWV, ( Deformed Wing Virus) thought to be transmitted by high counts of varroa. None were seen on the samples taken.
Hive#2   Inspected by Brian,
Brood Box:    14 x 12 ,   QS,    No QC’s, 3.5 f Brood BAS,  2+ room,  Varroa count 30,  Temper 10.    Dusted with icing sugar for high varroa count.  Overcoming chalk brood problems last week but some diarrhoea noticed on super frames.
Hive#3   Inspected by  Peter Reader.
Brood Box:  National Deep.   QNS,   no QC.   2 f BAS  1.5 f stores,  no supers.  varroa count, Zero. Temper 10                      Still very small colony but building slowly.  good pattern of brood and stores ok. rapid feeder removed.
Hive#4   Inspected by Peter Reader.
Brood Box:    National Deep and Added Shallow.  QS,  no QC,  7 f BAS,  3f stores,   1 super.   no varroa, Temper 9.           Not much room left in deep, so added shallow of DC ( Drawn Comb), big strong colony.
Hive#5    Inspected  by Richard Williams
Brood Box:  National Deep,  QS,  no QC,  5.5 f BAS, 4 f Stores, room ok,  varroa count  3.  Temper 10.                                 Queen located and marked blue as last years. nice and fat still.  lots of stores coming in but not capped yet.
Hive#6   Inspected  by Richard Williams
Brood Box:  National Deep.    QS,  no QC,  5 f BAS, 3 f Stores, room ok,   1 super started filling, no varroa, temper 10.     Some chalk brood on vb,  no mouse droppings as previous weeks, small colony but building up ok.
Hive#7   Inspected by Liz Hawes
Brood Box:  3 All Shallows.( Peter Street)  QNS,  2 QC taken down as damaged, 20 f Brood,  35 f stores, still room ok.   high varroa count at 45.   Temper 9.     Open Queen cells damaged with removal of shallow box as on bottom edge. Lots of bees, strong colony, but bit cramped in shallows.
Hive#8   Inspected by Liz Hawes
Brood Box:  National Deep.   QS,  no QC,  7 f BAS,  stores ok, room ok,  2 supers.  varroa count 2.  Temper 9.                    brood that was in super has now all gone and being filled with stores.
Hive#9     Warre Hive –  Not gone through –  Priority for next week.
Hive#10   Inspected by Peter Reader  Top Bar Hive  Expert..
QS,  no QC, 1 f BAS, stores ok, room ok,    v count , 1.  temper 10.   Moved colony to be central, not making up very well.  same as last week.  50:50 sugar syrup in rapid feeder not taken down, now mouldy so taken off.
Hive#15F    Inspected by Richard
Brood chamber : National deep,  QNS,  no QC.  3.5 f BAS,  1 f stores,  room ok,  no varroa, temper 10.   Rapid feeder taken off ,  making up slowly.
Hive#15H   Inspected by Richard
Poly Nuc, now transfered into National Deep.   QNS, No QC,  3.5 f BAS,  2 f stores,  VC = 2 .  Making up nicely. will be used for display purposes soon,  Moved  3 feet towards concrete slab