Another lovely Sunday with lots to do.  Now is the time that the colonies are getting going, and its the ideal time to get hands on experience on colony manipulations.    Lots of activity in the hives, and all bar one or two making up nicely.    Nectar and pollen incoming, thanks to the warm weather and the Queens laying up to nearly her maximum, ready for the main flows in early June.        Number one priority was to go through the Warre hive for the first time this year.   What a mess,  lots of unattatched comb,  and floor debris , but the bees were still there and surviving.  The problems of operating this type of hive were apparent and though mimicing the natural hollow tree, it is not easy to check through regularly and as for swarm controls, very difficult.
Temperature   16 degrees C,    Sunny periods.  little wind.
Hive#1    Inspected by Brian Herbert
Brood  Chamber:  14 x 12,    QS,  Play cups,  6f Brood at All Stages,  (BAS)  3f stores,  room ok.  1 super . empty. Temper 7,   vb out.  –   Lots of chalkbrood,  A shallow frame was put into broodnest for drone trapping part of IPM.       Recomended  to requeen ASAP  to overcome chalkbrood.
Hive#2    Inspected by Brain
Brood Chamber;  14 x 12,    QS,  No QC,   4.5  f BAS,  4 f stores, 2+ room,  1 super, Empty.  vc 2, taken out.  Temper 10 Frame with brood on found outside brood nest ,next to stores so moved in. Replaced part drawn frame with shallow for drone trapping.
Hive#3      Inspected by David Parkinson
Brood Chamber:    National Deep.   QNS, No QC,  only 2 f BAS, 1 f stores, room ok,  no supers. temper 10.                       Weak colony.  not building up much, Wax Moth found , may be best to Kill Q and Combine.
Hive#4   Inspected by  David
Brood Chamber:  National Deep and half (shallow).  QNS,  no QC,  8d + 3s f BAS, 3f stores, room ok, 2 supers temp 9   colony building nicely, Healthy hive full of bees.  vb 0. taken out.
Hive#5   Inspected by Anne Chantell Ballard.
Brood Chamber:    National Deep. Shallow added.    QS,  1 QC taken down, not sealed. 7 f BAS,  11 f stores, room ok.     1 super, Temper 8 .   –  cramped in deep so super added to brood chamber.  one deep frame replaced with shallow for drone trapping.   entrance block removed,  Consider an artificial swarm next week if more QC’s
Hive#6   Inspected by Anne
Brood Chamber:   Deep,   Shallow added.  QS,  no QC.  6 f BAS, 3 fd stores,  1 super empty, Temper 9. live wax moth larva on vb,  vb removed  and entrance block removed.
Hive#7   Inspected By Liz Hawes
Brood Chamber:   4 Shallows,  QNS,   10 Qc’s. 2 left on.   20+ f BAS. stores ok. Q excluder  added  under new super of drawn comb,  some full frames of stores moved up from brood chamber into super. replaced by  f drawn comb. will have to do an artificial swarm ASAP.
Hive#8     Inspected By Liz and Mel
Brood Chamber: National Deep.  QS, No QC,  9 f BAS, 2 f stores, room ok, 2 supers. temper 9.  Checked drone brood for varroa, none found, entrance block and vb removed.
Hive#9    Inspected by Richard Williams
Warre Hive.       QS, No Qc’s. 2 f BAS, 1 f stores, room ok,  temper 10.   –  Taped back up several loose frames, very dark and bit mouldy but being used..   better new comb in bottom box.  solid floor cleaned of debris and entrance cleared of old foam.   Small colony.
Hive#10   Inspected by Peter Reader
Top Bar Hive.    QNS, no Qc,   2 sides of BAS,  2 stores,  room ok. temper 10. –  queen has sprung back into action with now 2 sides of brood, but still small colony.   making up slowly.
Nuc  15 F    Not gone through as brood in observation hive at Milland Show.
Nuc 15 H    Inspected by Richard
Brood Chamber: Deep.   QNS, No Qc’s. 3.5 f BAS.  1 f stores, room ok.  Temper 10. rapid feeder taken off,   Moved a further 3 ft, onto concrete platform.