All was going so well , starting from the furthest colonies from the entrance, Top bar, Warre, No# 8, ect until we got to No3 .  All went pear shaped.     Debbie Burton ,the Seasonal Bee Inspector, discovered a few cells of EFB.  This colony had been small from the start of the season and slow to build up,  Debbie thought that the EFB may have been present over winter and not shown itself until now.    For those present it was a very useful experience to see the signs of EFB at first hand and what to look for in the brood frames.    If proof were needed, do not try to keep a failing colony going and certainly do not combine it with another colony unless you are sure that it has no disease.   Once condemned ,the colony had to be culled ASAP later that evening, when as many flying bees had returned as possible and the frames and bees burnt later.    Debbie advised that the boxes, floor, Qx, crown board  and roof would need to be scorched with a burner and removed to the container, for possible use next year.    A very sad end to the day, but necessary for the health of the other colonies.
Temperature  20 degrees and sunny.  Little wind.  All hives inspected by Debbie Burton  SBI  working from 15H back to No1
Hive#1   Brood chamber:     14 x 12,   QNS,  no Qc’s,   5 f  BAS,   stores ok, room ok. 1 super.   temper 10.   It was hoped to find the Queen and kill, as the colony is suffering very badly with chalk brood. – Next time…
Hive#2    Brood Chamber:    14 x 12,    QNS,  no Qc’s,  8f BAS,     stores ok, room ok,  1 super,  temper 8.  Wax moth grub found and killed, some bald brood evident, but Q laying well.
Hive#3    Brood Chamber: National Deep.  QNS, 3 f  BAS, – Ants present in hive, bees “jittery”, poss chronic bee paralysis,  then grey misshapen larva discovered, tested for EFB and confirmed positive.  B****r.   To Cull bees after flying bees return by sealing hive up and dosing with petrol.   Frames and bees to be burnt later. Apiary now on lockdown,  Nothing to be removed from site.
Hive#4    Brood Chamber:  Deep and Half,   QS,  9 Qc’s,  12 f BAS,  stores ok, room ok, 2 supers.   Some Qc’s sealed but Q still present.  Frame of brood with 2 Qc’s and f- food put into poly Nuc,with some extra bees to make up a new colony.  Put on stand in fern area away from trees.  Remaining  Qc’s taken down, and removed frames replaced with foundation to give more room.  Super frame with lots of drone cells removed for varroa check, replaced with DC.
Hive#5   Brood Chamber:  Deep and Half.    QS,   2 Qc’s one sealed.  needed more room so moved end frames into brood nest,  good distribution of new brood in shallow , put stores  up into Super to give more room in Shallow.
Hive#6    Brood Chamber:   Deep and Half,   QNS.   no Qc’s,   8 f BAS,  stores ok, needs more room, day old eggs, but possible ready to swarm, moved shallow f, into brood nest to give more room.  Wax  moth present in f 5 and 8.
Hive#7    Brood Chamber:   New Deep.  QNS,  12 charged Qc’s,   No brood, stores ok, room ok.  Artificial swarm made on 18/5.  but Q may have gone.  2 Qc’s left, others taken down.  New super of DC added as Super full.
Hive#7 A  Brood Chamber:   4 Shallows,  QNS,  12 Qc’s     8 f BAS,  stores ok, room ok. 1 super added.   Ants coming in.  1 sealed Qc -small, opened and larva dead. all brood sealed. QC opened so may be virgin Q ,  other Qc’s taken down.
Hive#8    Brood Chamber:   National Deep.  QS,  7 Qc’s,   8 f BAS,   stores ok, needs room,  Qc’s charged,  drones being laid in worker cells, Chalk brood present, sbi advised Regicide (Q killed)  widespread pepperpot brood. sealed QC left on F6.
Hive#9    Warre Hive.    2 brood chambers,  QS,  no Qc’s, 2 f BAS,  not much stores, small colony, old comb needs replacing if we are to keep going with colony.  No sign of any disease,   few ants around.  Solid floor may have caused mouldy frames, poss due to lack of ventilation over winter.
Hive#10    Top Bar Hive.   QNS, no Qc’s,  3 f BAS, little stores, room ok.     Wax moth and bald brood present.   one cell found with 2 eggs in!  Building but still weak. – ( needs swarm dumped in , as per Peter Reader)
Hive#15F   Brood Chamber:  National Deep. QS,  no Qc’s,  4 f BAS,   Sac brood (early stages) present on f6. some bald brood also present, along with varroa damage.
Hive#15H   Brood Chamber:  National Deep,   QS,  no Qc’s,  4 f BAS,  varroa damage, Sac brood and Bald brood present.  Laying drones in worker cells. stores ok but short of room, building wild comb in roof above cb.  A super of DC was added to help.