In view of the nectar flow and subsequent rapid expansion of stores the primary objective of this apiary inspection was to ensure that there was sufficient space in the colonies so helping avoid the urge to swarm.

In attendance:
Graham Rowden
Rowan Roberts
Chris Clark

The brood and in particular the stores continued to expand.  Existing supers were filling and new ones were added where needed. This has lead to a dearth of ones to use. To help overcome this our homework this week was to make up new supers. In addition to this at our next apiary visit, we will start making preparations to extract honey.
Sufficient space was maintained in all colonies.
(Also see Rowan’s video synopsis below)

We are all in top-gear in an attempt to prevent swarming at this time of year. It is very tempting to knock down queen cells as soon as they are seen. I find it difficult to control my hive tool when I see one! The message from the apiary is that when a queen cell is seen STOP and THINK. First, ensure that there is evidence that a queen is present (Queen/eggs).

Chris Clark