We have been keeping an eye on the Apiary during the high winds and rain we have been having.  The Warre hive , being tall and thin, had to be secured with guy ropes, front and back, to stop it being blown over.
All the hives were checked and all showed signs of life.   We have put patties of fondant on all colonies as a precaution as during the warm autumn a lot of their stores were used up.   We have also popped the varroa boards in to check drop numbers before dosing with Oxalic acid after the coming (hopefully) cold spell.   Further inf0rmation on that will be  put on the news page, but is pencilled in for 24th January.   As many people as possible would be welcome with other jobs to do as well.
On Sunday we started Acetic acid dosing of stored supers, using  a large polythene bag holding 6 supers with pads in between.   These will need dismantling next week and another stack made up.
I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and don’t forget to check your own hives for stores. Colony starvation is not a pretty sight and one to be avoided at all costs.
Richard Williams,   Apiary Custodian.