This was the last session of the year, time to put the ladies to bed.  mouse guards and woodpecker guards time.   We have been feeding most colonies since September and now some are ready to come off the feed.
We are again trying to overwinter hives by under-supering but as little stores have been coming some supers were completely empty.   Under-supering is where a full or nearly full super is swapped from above the brood box to underneath, the advantage is that the bees, as they move about the hive , more frequently go down to the entrance to do poo flights and cross over the stores, so they know where food is available. It also moves the brood cluster higher up where its warmer (that’s my theory anyway).
This week we did not go through the colonies as they were all checked for being queen right last visit.  our main aim was to check stores and feed if necessary.
Weather:   Sunny,   15 C,  light wind.
Inspected by Liz H .
Brood Chamber:   14 x 12,   with 1 super, (part filled)
Mouse guard added, topped up with half litre heavy syrup, woodpecker cage put on.
Varroa board checked and 4o chalk brood bodies found , VCount  – 0.5/day.
Inspected by Nigel.
Brood Chamber:   14×12,  with 1 super ( part filled)
Mouse guard added, topped up feeder with 1″ sugar syrup, woodpecker cage put on. VCount – 2/day
Inspected by Phil G,
Brood Chamber:  National Deep.
Empty Super taken off, rapid feeder topped up ,mouse guard added and woodpecker cage on. VCount – 0.5/day
Inspected by Mel.
Brood Chamber:  National Deep. with  1 super.
Under supered from spare nearly full super from hive 5.  mouse guard added. feeder still full ( will take off next visit)  and woodpecker cage to be added.  VCount – 0
Inspected by Mel.
Brood Chamber:  National Deep.  2 supers,  one full, put under deep. other nearly full. ( put under no4) mouseguard added and woodpecker cage put on.  VCount –  1/day
Inspected by Peter R.
Brood Chamber: National Deep,   1 super  only part filled.  Rapid feeder topped up.  mouse guard put on and woodpecker cage added.   VCount –  1/day
Inspected by Peter R.
Brood Chamber:   2 National Supers.   with full top super .
Top super put under brood supers.   Mouse guard and woodpecker cage added.  VCount – 2 /day
Inspected by Peter R
Brood Chamber: National Deep and Shallow.   1 super,  part filled.
Rapid feeder topped up with heavy syrup.  Mouse guard and woodpecker cage added. V Count –  > 0.5 /day
Hive#9   Warre Hive  Not inspected,  but woodpecker cage added. and feed topped up.
Hive#10 Top Bar Hive.
Inspected by Peter R.
Doing fine, but still needing feeding. Rapid feeder topped up
Nucleus 15 F
Inspected by Liz H
Brood Chamber: National  Deep.
MAQS strips (put on 10/10 ) taken off,   feeder replaced and refilled. mouse guard put on and woodpecker cage added VCount –  20/day ( due to treatment)
Poly  Nucleus
Inspected by Richard W.
Quick check through after used for demonstration hive at Blackmoor apple day.  Q seen, BAS. all seems ok. stores low so topped up integral feeder.  cage put over the top.   VCount – > 0.5/day