Autumn is here, the leaves on the trees are changing colour and falling and I have had a frost on the ground at Frog’s Hole.       This is the last of the official club visits to the apiary, as the clocks go back next Sunday, making it too late in the day to start opening hives.   The Apiary Trustees will still be checking and feeding every now and then.  We will hopefully be arranging for a Sunday morning event to sterilise the drawn comb supers, using acetic acid.  Date to be arranged.
The bees are also shutting down, the queen now laying only 50 -100 eggs a day.   Foragers are still flying and bringing back nectar and pollen from ivy on the warmer days but the amount of stores in the hives has been very low and feeding with heavy syrup   (1kg to 625 ml ) still on-going  to most of the colonies.  no5  and no 7 being the exception, with full supers now put under the brood box’s.     Mouse guards and woodpecker cages have also been added for the winter.
We still have the varroa boards in as we are monitoring the drop after dosing with MAQS strips.  This seems to be very high while the sealed brood is still hatching, possibly proving that the varroa are killed even in the sealed brood.