There were only five of us on Sunday afternoon.   The sun was out and the wind not too bad but still a bit chilly. The  bees were out and flying, working the ivy.    The main aim of the afternoon was to check queenright after the MAQS treatment, check stores and  refill  feeders.
The Warre hive needed attention as the frames transferred from the nuc and cut down to fit, required being refixed  to the top bars.
All the MAQS strips for varroa treatment were taken off  on 20th and the entrance blocks replaced and varroa boards inserted on 29th September.  Heavy syrup feed was put on those colonies in need.
Weather:  15 C    Sunny spells,  light wind.
Inspected by Liz H,
Brood Chamber   14 x 12
Queen Not Seen (QNS), No QCells, 2 frames brood,  6 frames of stores. No Super.
Temper: 8
1 litre of heavy syrup put on.
varroa count : 6   in 7 days
Inspected by Mel
Brood chamber 14 x 12.      1 super
Queen seen,  No QCells, 3 frames brood, 3 frames stores.
Temper :  9
added Varroa board, young larva, no eggs seen.  1 litre syrup put on, broken lug on 14×12(foundation) replaced with dummy board.
Brood chamber,  -National  deep.     1 super
QNS.  3 frames brood and new eggs, 3D stores,  super empty.
Temper:  9
Feed half taken,  but had been put below super, so feed topped up and added above super.
no Varroa,  board cleaned and replaced.
Inspected by Richard W
Brood Chamber: National deep.    1 Super
QNS.  3 frames of Brood all stages, and new eggs.  4D frames,2S  of stores
Rapid feeder topped up with  1 litre syrup
Varroa count – 30 in 7 days.
Inspected by Peter R
Brood Chamber –  National Deep.   2 supers
QNS,  3 frames of brood, and new eggs.  4D frames stores.  one super full 2nd starting to fill.
Varroa count –  30 in 7 days.
Temper 8
Inspected by Liz H
Brood chamber – National Deep.   1 super
QNS, 2 frames of brood, 3 frames stores, super nearly empty, ( poss taken down into D)   feeder left on.
Varroa count – 15 in 7 days
Temper:  9
Inspected by Mel
Brood Chamber –   2 shallow  National.    1 super
Queen seen,  4 frames of  brood, 4 stores, 1 litre of syrup  added
Varroa board added
Temper:  8
Inspected by Peter R
Brood Chamber –   Shallow and Deep.      1 Super
QNS,   4 Frames of brood,  2 D frames of stores. – not much in super.  1 litre heavy syrup added
Varroa board added
Temper:  9
Warre Hive.
Inspected by Brad D
QNS,  3 frames of brood, 5 of stores, room ok.
Brood frames cut down from National deeps had been strapped up to the top bars with masking tape, now eaten through.  Frames restrapped and hive reassembled.     Small  half litre feeder ontop empty, refilled with heavy syrup.
Temper: 6
Inspected by Peter R
Top Bar Hive
Queen seen, 3 frames of brood,  1 of stores.    Topped up with 1 litre of heavy syrup
Temper: 8
Nucleus  15 F
Brood Chamber – National Deep.
Queen seen,  4 frames of brood,  3 frames of stores, plenty of room.    rapid feeder put on with 1 litre heavy syrup.
Temper: 8
Nucleus 15H
Poly Nuc.
QNS,  2 frames of brood, new eggs and larva,  half frame of stores, plenty of room.
Inbuilt feeder topped up with syrup.