It was a rather chilly overcast afternoon when we assembled outside the store and kitted up, starting smokers and catching up on what was happening in each others apiary’s, getting ready for the winter and the various different methods of treating for varroa
and the pro’s and con’s of adding insulation above the crown board.  Its always nice to chat over problems and to socialise.
The main aim of the afternoon was to check if colonies were queen right, stores, and the application of MAQS strips.
Weather:   Cloudy   16C                  7 attendee’s
Inspected by Liz H,
Brood Chamber – 14 x 12
Queen seen,
1 Super, 4 frames of stores
MAQS strips put above brood chamber and entrance block removed as per MAQS recommendations.
Inspected by Liz H
Brood Chamber – 14×12
Queen seen
1 Super  – nearly full
MAQS strips put on above brood chamber.
Inspected by John M
Brood Chamber – Single Deep National
Queen seen,   brood all stages,( BAS.)
1 super, will need feeding after treatment
MAQS strips put on
Inspected by  Phil G
Brood Chamber – single Deep
Queen not seen but  BAS.
MAQS strips put on.
Inspected by Mia F
Brood Chamber – Single Deep.
Queen not seen and no eggs/larva but sealed brood present.
2 supers -both quite full.
MAQS strips put on
Inspected by Phil G
Brood Chamber – Single Deep
Queen seen – 4 frames of brood , BAS.
1 super –  very light, will need feeding after treatment.
MAQS strips put on
Brood Chamber – 2 shallows
Inspected by Mia F
Queen not seen but BAS and new eggs.
1 super full of stores.
MAQS strips put on
Inspected by John M
Brood Chamber – Shallow and Deep
Queen not seen but  BAS in both Shallow and Deep.
1 super but not very heavy, will require feeding after treatment.
Note:-  quite a lot  of dead bees outside entrance 100+.  possibly due to spraying activity nearby.
MAQS strips put on.
Warre Hive.
Brad Davis and myself attended Friday and combined Nuc 15 B , by cutting out brood and stores and attaching to bars
with masking tape, and using the paper method put above the main colony. ( drone laying queen dispatched last inspection)
colony being fed with 1:1 syrup .  checked  but still full.
Top Bar Hive
Queen not seen but BAS, on 3 frames,  not much stores . has been fed 1:1, now empty. topped up with Heavy syrup
broken comb on moving hive to apiary has now welded itself to neighbouring frame.
MAQS not put on as colony not strong enough.
Nucleus 15 F
Inspected by John M
Queen seen, 5 frames of brood, – wet empty super removed. rapid feeder put on with heavy syrup
Nucleus 15 H
Poly Nuc
Still going strong,  1 emerged queen cell, 2 frames of BAS, still room , feeding reservoir refilled with Heavy syrup.
some chalkbrood evident.
Nucleus 15 J
Nuc taken from No5, – No sign of queen or brood, left on top of 5  as last chance queen late in mating due to bad weather.