A harvest of 84lbs resulted from the main flow extraction that took place on 9th August. The venue had to be changed at the last minute and thanks go to Pippa for the use of her facilities and those members that turned out to help the association harvest. The main flow ended very abruptly and some of our colonies have already required feeding.
The association apiary now houses 14 colonies. A long top-bar hive courtesy of Peter Reader was added during August. The autumn disease inspections will be completed by the end of August ready for varroa treatment in September. This year we will be using the formic acid based treatment MAQS.
September sees the start of next years preparations and a refreshed team of Apiary Trustees. As a reminder there are three apiary trustees each serving a three-year tenure. Liz Hawes, who has been actively shadowing this year and has requested the 2-year vacancy and Mel Espin who has kindly agreed to join the team, join Richard Williams, starting his 3rd year. As always the apiary trustees will require support from rank and file members which I trust will be forthcoming.
Many thanks to Fred Whetnall who completes his 3rd year as a trustee and retires along with myself.
Brad Davis