This year, the committee of Petersfield and District BKA has voted for Elizabeth Eveleigh to be our Unsung Hero!

Elizabeth started bee-keeping in 2009 having completed the PDBKA Beginners’ course the year before. She is always helpful and knowledgeable due to her thirst for reading Bee books!

In the committee, everyone relies on Elizabeth to take the minutes and then produce a light hearted version for circulation via the newsletter. She knows about native bees, bumble bees, wasps and hornets, and how to tell them apart. She happily gives talks to children and they are always entertained which saves us a few false swarm calls by instructing their parents.

Another of Elizabeth’s fortes is making wonderful cakes, so she tests the Honey show recipes and the committee gets the chance to evaluate the results…keeping  the committee very happy! That is only one of her duties at the annual honey show, she also organizes the venue, cakes, wax judging and photos.
But the most remarkable point is that a few years ago, Elizabeth suffered anaphylactic shock so she cannot keep the insects that interest her so much…..amazingly, she is still here helping everyone!