In attendance:
Graham Rowden
Rowen Roberts
Chris Clark

The main purposes of this apiary visit were:
1. Put up two remaining mouse guards
2. Check stores
3. Remove MAQS
4. Put up woodpecker netting

Rowan Roberts

Chris Clark

I would like to start by admitting a school-boy error of feeding hive 20 above the super. None of the syrup was taken down as this should be placed immediately above the brood box. This was done and a full super (that was for extracting from Brian’s colony) placed above it. We plan to do a couple more feeds for this colony before the winter.
All other colonies looked well placed for the winter.
It is good to place woodpecker netting before the ground begins to get hard with the frost. This, the last of our winter preparations, was done with the netting available. (see video).
The spent MAQS were removed from the treated colonies.

1. Two more feeds for hive 20
2. Check apiary from time to time especially after bad weather
3. Prune oak branches over Brian’s colony
4. Plan apiary management for next year


This is the last ‘Apiary Report’ of the season.
They haven’t been done in the usual way of a table, but more of pictures, pros, and video demonstrations that we thought would be more helpful, hopefully giving you a flavour of what has been happening at the apiary.
If you have any comments/suggestions we would be grateful if you would share them with us.