In attendance:
Graham Rowden
Rowan Roberts
Chris Clark
The main purposes of this apiary visit were:
1. Apply MAQS treatments
2. Put in mouse guards
3. Check stores
In view of the cooler 12 degrees C, hive manipulation was kept to a minimum, with inspection of the brood from above only.
Of the 11 colonies at the apiary 9 were treated with MAQS. (See video)
Queen excluders and entrance reducers were removed and mouse guards installed. (See video)
All colonies had sufficient stores apart from Hive 20 which was subsequently treated with 2:1 syrup in rapid feeder.
(See Rowan’s video synopsis below)
Continue feeding Hive 20
Put in the two remaining mouse guards
Put up woodpecker netting
Remove MAQS treatment, all next visit
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