Chris Clark
PDBKA Apiary Custodian

Rowan Roberts
PDBKA Apiary Custodian

Apiary visit Graham, Rowan & Chris 08.04.20

Rowans colony
Brood and half
2,5 frames bias
Queen seen
QE put on
Super added

Chris’ (Q97)
Single brood
Weaker than before
Queen seen, plenty eggs
Small cluster of bees on 2 frames with bias
Plenty stores
Dead bees removed from floor
? Failing colony
Probably not going to be suitable for populating new colonies.

Brian’s colony
Single brood
Varroa ++
Bees with deformed wings
Plenty stores
Aim to do shook swarm

Richard’s colony
Bias end to end
Now double brood
Hope to populate new colonie

Photos & Video Courtesy of Chris Clark  ©