Peter &  Dean’s report 4th April
Since the apiary only has 6 colonies, as a PDBKA protocol we ought to create nucs the moment we see a queen cell unless there is a good reason not to.

Happy bees, 3 Bias plus some laying in the supers. Lots of fresh nectar in brood and super. Marked Queen seen. Queen excluder added, mouse guard removed and entrance reducer added. 🐝🐝

14×12 hive,
1B . Tasks completed .
Removed mouse guard.
Cleaned hive floor.
Replaced entrance block.
Queen excluder fitted.
4 frames of brood.

1C . There were no bees in the hive.
No dead bees to be found and no flying bees.
There was a 100mm patch of sealed brood and eggs on one frame.
Peter advised it could be Nosema ceranae.
The hive is in the original position. A question has been asked whether to destroy the wax comb and then scorch the frames and hive.