Eight Members attended the Apiary 13C and cloudy.

Hive 3 – inspected by Jo Wade – National Double Brood, 8 frames bees, 7 frames BIAS.  Sufficient space & stores, feeding.  Upper BB being drawn.  Health good, temper 2.

Hive 4 – inspected by Dean Gregory – National Double Brood, 11 frames bees, 9 frames BIAS, Queen seen.  Sufficient space & stores.  Drone frame drawn and laid.  Health good, temper 4.

Hive 6 – inspected by Peter Reader – National Nuc moved to National Single Brood.  6 frames bees, 5 frames BIAS, Queen seen (white) prolific layer.  Sufficient room & stores, health good, temper 9

Hive 8 (Dedicated Obs. Hive) – inspected by Richard Williams – National Nuc, 5 frames bees, 4 frames BIAS, Queen seen (white). Sufficient stores requires moving to full National Brood.  Health good, temper 5.